4Dscan, Augmented Reality takes your marketing into new dimensions!

aabenraa kommune

4Dscan®, Augmented Reality assists with branding of the council’s Growth Strategy 2018-30 by logo and magazine

Dyrenes Beskyttelse – ‘Ægtivisten’

4Dscan® brings ‘Ægtivisten to life on T-shirts and tatoos – Call to Action link to join the battle against cage eggs.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Augmented Reality 4DSCAN®

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Denmark using 4Dscan®, Augmented Reality to promote new feautures on their Actros truck. Showing videos directly on the cards 6 different places. Handouts at the Transport Fair in Herning 2019.

coop Packaging comes alive with 4DSCAN®

4Dscan® – combines your digital World with you packaging in a new vivid way! Makes an huge impression to the end user and makes them interact with your brand.

Arla Branding with Augmented Reality 4Dscan®

Story telling combined with a competition
by POS material and postcards.

Amazing Augmented Reality on milk packaging

The milk comes alive and adds a Call To Action button for more information. Молоко Доброї ночі (Molokija) an Ukrainian Milk | 4Dscan®

the popstar christopher sings on aqua d'or beverages

Christopher comes alive on Aqua d’or labels with 4Dscan®. A very flexible AR marketing platform with consumer interacting with brand and competitions. The AR video content was changed 7 times during the campaign (no need to modify the label design).

meet trolls, dragons, elven girl, wights etc. in the wood

Within a few weeks you can experience the forrest come alive at Kalø Slotsruin in the National Park Mols Bjerge with 4Dscan®, Augmented Reality. 

Tuborg Rå – augmented reality

Competition: Win 2 tickets to Northside Festival. 4Dscan® is integrated in Northside’s own app.

Danske Spil

Augmented Reality statement sent
to all members of the Danish Parliament
– scratch card and annual report

Augmented Reality in catering magazine

Dansk Cater uses 4Dscan® in their magazines
– be inspired by the professional chef and pause the video while working in your own kitchen.

folkekirken 4D minicards 

Learn your prayers easily with 4Dscan®, Augmented Reality. Beautiful 3D effect with 4D reading aloud the two prayers: Trosbekendelsen and Fadervor.

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